Let's Talk - From One Wig & Hair Extension Vet to Another

I am a 10 year hair extension/wig veteran.  I have been wearing hairpieces longer than that but not to the level of perfection I currently rest in now (slight toot of my own horn).  

I have worn weave ponytails, weave tracks, clip-in extensions, and wigs.  Wigs are now a current favorite based on their convenience and the fact that I can put it on and take off at leisure.  I have made my own and had them made for me.  I am a natural-hair-lista so, I enjoy the flexibility it gives me in changing my look with color and styling techniques such as flat ironing and hot curling without damaging my own hair.  I can add as much heat  and color as I'd like -anytime I'd like.  All of this hair "action" while keeping my REAL crown safe and sound - ahhh, the joys of freedom.

However, when you become a fluent hairpiece wearer and all the positives that come with it, you become aware of all of the drawbacks as well.  Drawbacks such as, wig shedding, the woes of the infamous bleached knots (never understanding why they always come unbleached even though you specifically paid and asked for them to be bleached), the lace color, or the never ending dilemma of to tint or not to tint the lace color.  Hair extension wefts can be too thick or too thin.  Clip-ins can definitely rip your hair out if you are not careful with application or removal.  But the BIGGEST dilemma and issue I have with all types of hairpieces is fighting with dry, dull, tangled hair - uggghhhh - THEEE WORST!

There is NOTHING worse than walking around with "seized" hair extensions or wigs.  There is literally nothing that can be done about this tragedy other than throwing your hairpiece away while your new order is en route from China.  The reason the hairpieces become dry, dull and tangled is because like our own hair, it NEEDS moisture.  It does not get the benefit of the natural lubrication from our scalp. It literally can not thrive without it.  I know, thrive and hairpieces don't necessarily seem to belong in the same sentence yet it captures my point entirely.  Dry hairpieces do not shine, bounce, sway in the wind, hold styles the way moisturized and conditioned ones do - Just like our hair.  Proper maintenance is Key.  You must wash and condition your wigs on a consistent basis to keep them healthy and to get the most out of your purchase. 

Now, simply washing and conditioning is not all that is needed, the hairpieces must be deep conditioned with a heating source to open and penetrate the hair cuticles. With our own hair, we have the heat from our head to produce this, but  hairpieces are not a natural part of our bodies, therefore, we must utilize an outside source of heat.  

For the vets out there, we know what this outside source of heat means - microwave, boiling, or the stove (yup, baking hairpieces lol).  All of these sources are definitely a means to an end - until the ThermPouch!

The ThermPouch was designed to make the deep conditioning process convenient and easy.  It is portable and travel friendly.  As long as you have an outlet you can use it.  I used it one night next to my bed watching LHHLA! I digress.  No running up and down the steps to the microwave or oven.  No leaving it in a plastic grocery bag overnight to let the conditioner "seep" in.  No! The ThermPouch is the answer we have all been waiting for - the convenience, the ease, and the tool to help us preserve and restore our hairpieces.  And I am always up to save my money!  How about you?


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