Wig Maintenance At It's Finest

It's no secret, our wigs take a lot of abuse.  From coloring to heat styling and daily product use causing build-up - by the end of the week, although we've given our natural hair a break, our wigs need a break too.  Fortunately, all that's needed is a little "Wig TLC".  

We spend lots of money on quality human wigs ranging from $100-$1000's of dollars every month.  If most of us looked in our homes, we'd see $1000's in wigs we have but can't wear or have thrown away.  This is not the best use of our hard earned money.  Yes, we look great in them until the wig starts to look dry, old, and stiff.  Then it's stuffed in a bag, or off to the trash & we are on to the next vendor. 

The good news is, we can save our wigs & our money by taking care of the wigs we have with washing & deep conditioning.  Now, we can tell when our wigs need a good washing, but can we tell when it needs a deep condition? Sure we can and we can feel it too!  Our hands get stuck while gliding through it, it's no longer soft to the touch and not to mention, the lack of movement (constantly stands at attention for no reason -the worst!). 

All human hair needs regular deep conditioning. Whether it's considered healthy or has some damage, all human hair will benefit from the nurturing and hydrating ingredients that hair treatments offer.

A good hair treatment starts with a thorough shampoo washing then followed up with a conditioner.  However, we must remember that wigs are not connected to our scalp and therefore, DO NOT receive the natural oils it supplies.  Any and all lubricants MUST be added back to wigs and hairpieces to maintain their moisture.  Once the hair is cut from its donor, it is also cut from it's moisture supply.

When we use shampoo, it removes excess oils and grease, cleaning the hair shaft. However, shampoo does not open the cuticle and strips the hair clean of all lubrication.

Conditioners only work on the outside of the hair shaft. When conditioners are rinsed away, some conditioning agents are left behind keeping the hair soft but only for a short period of time.  Therefore, we must not stop there, in order to keep our wigs healthy and extend their longevity, we must incorporate deep conditioning with heat  as part of a weekly - bi-weekly regime.  

Just like with our natural hair, heat increases the amount of conditioner absorbed.  Deep conditioning saves our pockets so much money in the long run from buying the same units over and over again.   'Like, how many 16" 1B units do we need in body wave"?  With deep conditioning, so much of our money wasted can now be saved month after month because we are preserving and taking care of what we have.  Make sense?

thermpouch deep conditioning

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This is why ThermPouch is a great product for us wig wearers - it's easy to use, quick, and an affordable tool to maintain our pricey investments. Wigs are supposed to last longer than a month or two - don't you agree?

So here's a Quick Recap in case you missed anything - Just like with our natural hair, added heat coincides with the amount of conditioner absorbed.  
Main benefits of deep conditioning with heat:
  • Ensure deep moisture penetration,
  • Prevents hair damage,
  • Improves moisture retention,
  • Leaves hair soft and smooth,
  • Improves hair elasticity and body,
  • Extends the life of human hair wigs - Saving You MONEY!
That's all for this session of “wigducation”  - Order ThermPouch Today & start keeping your wigs beautiful, healthy, and out of the trash!

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