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Tired of spending hundreds of dollars per year on new human wigs and bundles? Now you can keep them longer & conveniently treat dry, stiff wigs fast & easy! Results after first use!

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Thermal Wig Pouch



Hairpieces last longer with thermpouch

Spending hours on weekends restoring hairpieces is no longer necessary with ThermPouch. Give them the care they deserve and they will give back to you for many years to come.

ThermPouch is the best treatment for wigs & hairpieces

About US

"Aliexpress has seen too many of my dollars"

ThermPouch is the ORIGINAL design of a black working mother to create a better, faster, & more convenient way of taking care of human hairpieces. Not only did she create it, she is her own best customer.

Buying wigs every other month online, was no longer an option. Juggling work full time, raising a family, & looking good was becoming expensive & time consuming.

Taking care of her natural hair, she knew that all human hair flourished with regular deep conditioning.  So, she created that same option for human hairpieces and has been saving money ever since.

Refresh Your Entire Wig Collection Today!

Thermpouch is on a mission

One thing all women can agree on is that hair is one of the most precious beauty assets we have.

ThermPouch was designed to restore human hairpieces to their natural body & vibrancy with heated deep conditioning.

It works in minutes & gives beautiful results after the first use. The best part is it saves you money!

maintain your quality hairpieces & wigs

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Wig Maintenance At It's Finest
conditioning wigs

Wig Maintenance At It's Finest

It's no secret, our wigs take a lot of abuse.  From coloring to heat styling and daily product use causing build-up - by the end of the week, alth...

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