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If you are looking for a new innovative product (Patent Pending) to super charge sales, you've come to the right place!  

ThermPouch is the newest, most convenient way to renew & refresh human hairpieces while preserving their life. It is the hottest selling wig care tool since it's inception!

Customers will feel comfortable knowing that their expensive hairpieces will be well taken care of with their very own wig spa treatment tool. 

ThermPouch is easy to use, portable, & a huge time saver - being able to treat up to 3-4 hairpieces at once.  

Not only will customers benefit from using ThermPouch, stylists will benefit as well using ThermPouch to refresh reinstalls of older units bringing them back their newness.

ThermPouch offers a 3 Tier wholesale price list that is:

  • Open to all vendors & stylists;
  • No pre-approval needed;
  • Available for both sizes;
  • Low minimum order;
  • Packaging & instructions included with each ThermPouch.
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