About Us

ThermPouch was birthed based on the need of our owner and designer to create a better, faster, & more convenient way of taking care of human hairpieces.

As a natural hairlista and busy mother with a 9-5, she had an understanding of basic hair needs and saving money!  Using wigs as a protective hairstyle, she quickly noticed her pattern of purchasing wigs every month because they would loose their shine and tangle-free manageability. Seeing her money go down the drain because the wigs were not lasting was no longer an option!

By taking care of her natural hair underneath the wigs, she knew that all human hair flourished with a healthy hair regime such as regular washing and deep conditioning.  She wanted to create the same option conveniently, quickly, and above all affordably, for use on all human hairpieces - extensions, wigs, & toupees.

Several months and sleepless nights later, she welcomed the ThermPouch! This solved all of the issues she faced maintaining her wigs and saving her money.   Now, we have the pleasure of sharing this amazing product with all of you!  We promise that once you use it, you will not want to be without it-100% GUARANTEED!

With Love,