Thermal Wig Pouch

ThermPouch Wig Care

Bring old, dry, unmanageable human hairpieces back to life with Thermpouch.

Why Thermpouch?
  • Its Heat - Heat is KEY to deep conditioning,
  • It's Quick - Renew human hairpieces in less than 20 minutes,
  • It's Convenient - Revive multiple hairpieces at once,
  • It's Portable - Refresh hairpieces anytime-anywhere,
  • It Saves You Money - Cut wig spending tremendously by extending the life of hairpieces,
  • Made exclusively for all human hair textures.
Maintain Your Human Hairpieces With the Only Tool Created To Care For Them

Standard Free Shipping to United States in 1-3 days.  International rates vary via carrier.

30 - Day Money Back Guarantee - Add discount codes at checkout.

Renew, repair, & achieve natural looking human hairpieces in minutes with ThermPouch. This easy to use, unique heated pouch effortlessly revitalizes hairpieces in just 15 minutes opening hair cuticles absorbing 10x more moisture than conditioning without heat. 

Available in 2 sizes - Original or All-in-1 (large) carryall with handle & storage pocket. Use 2-4x's a month to achieve optimal results.

ThermPouch is the perfect solution to save money while providing a quick & easy way to care for hairpieces at home achieving amazing results.

Directions:  Start by taking a before picture of your hairpiece(s). Pre-heat ThermPouch for 3-5 minutes on desired temperature. Wash & add conditioner/treatment & place in a plastic cap.  

After placing hairpiece in ThermPouch, pull drawstring to seal in heat (and zip closed for All-in-1). Deep condition hairpiece(s) for at least 15 minutes. Rinse hair & style as usual. Now, send us a photo of that beautiful wig transformation!

*May deep condition up to 3 hairpieces at a time depending on hair density.


Q - Can I Use ThermPouch if I live or travel outside of the United States?

A - Yes, you may however, correct conversion is needed and may require an adapter or converter if your wattage is more than 110V.  Please research your home’s wattage before usage as it will produce too much power and may burn the ThermPouch and possibly your hairpiece.  We have attached a link for a reliable resource concerning power sources - 

Q - Will the ThermPouch Burn My Human Hairpieces?                      
A - No.  ThermPouch is made for 100% human hair and just like deep conditioning will not burn our natural hair, it is the same for human hairpieces. 

Q - Can I Treat More Than One hairpiece At A Time?
A - Absolutely. It is recommended to process 1-3 hairpieces at a time depending upon hair density. You want to ensure that each hairpiece gets an even amount of heat distribution.

Q - May I Use the ThermPouch on Synthetic Hairpieces?
A - Absolutely Not - Synthetic hairpieces are not made of natural hair, they are composed of fine plastic fibers, manufactured to look like human hair.  Adding heat to any form of plastic will melt it. Please ensure that your pieces are 100% human hair before using. 

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